Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Some Good Lines

Cain:  "Tax rates don't raise taxes, politicians do."

Bachmann:  "Obama continues to go to General Axelrod in Chicago for his orders."

(Frankly, her answers are confusing.  I know what she's saying, and her instincts are good, but it's so jumbled.  She needs some serious coaching.)

Paul:  "I propose in the first year cutting $1 trillion."  (Then gets tripped up arguing the benefits of higher interest rates, before he regains his footing to say he is urging that markets set interest rates instead of the Fed.)

At the first break, here are the question totals:

Santorum:  2
Bachmann:  2
Gingrich:  2
Romney:  5
Cain:  4
Perry:  2 (both 30-second follow-ups to questions to other candidates)
Paul:  2
Huntsman:  2

Early leaders:  Romney, Cain, Gingrich (who needs to stop forcing attacks on the media)

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