Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Opening Salvo

As the candidates walk out, a big cheer for Herman Cain, who appears to be wearing Oakland University colors.  All black or blue suits, except for Michele Bachmann, who's resplendent in a black skirt and a white jacket with black trim.  (Welcome to The Wizard of Fashion).

Maria Bartiromo says the debate will focus "almost exclusively" on jobs and the economy.

First question to Herman Cain, about Italy's economic problems.  Cain responds directly, but I'm not crazy about his "stuff in the caboose" reference -- what does that mean anyway?  His response doesn't even mention Italy until the follow-up, when he says there's nothing we can do, let them fail.

Romney next, suggests Europe is big enough to handle their own problems, we shouldn't bail out banks here or in Italy. 

Maria going a little overboard, trying to put words in the candidates' mouths early on.  But Romney doesn't take the bait, and he is very strong in his response.

Jim Cramer?  For cryin' out loud. There goes any shot at a dignified evening.

Ron Paul says to let Italy go down the drain, to do otherwise is "prolonging the agony."  He's right on the necessity to "clear the market." 

Cramer asks whether the possibility of the world banking system failing means anything.  Huntsman says there's a "metastasy" effect.  There's no such word.

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