Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hey, It Could Happen . . .

Your Wizard has returned to the blogwaves after an extended absence and, to celebrate, I have decided to depart from the usual fare and talk a bit about MICHIGAN STATE FOOTBALL!!!

11-1, 8-0 in the Big Ten, ranked #10 in the BCS, and playing for the Big Ten Championship against undefeated Ohio State, winners of 24 straight games.  If OSU wins, the Buckeyes will likely play for the national championship.

But what if the Spartans win?  Is there a scenario in which MSU could play for the BCS National Championship?

I believe there is, and here's how.  First, the current standings:

1.  Florida State
2.  Ohio State
3.  Auburn
4.  Alabama
5.  Missouri
6.  Oklahoma State
7.  Stanford
8.  South Carolina
9.  Baylor

Now, here's how MSU can play for the national championship:

1.  Of course, MSU has to beat Ohio State, and pretty convincingly.  A beatdown like the one inflicted on a certain school in Ann Arbor would suffice.
2.  Baylor loses to Texas.
3.  Stanford loses to Arizona State
4.  Oklahoma State loses to Oklahoma
5.  Duke beats Florida State

If the foregoing results happen, MSU should jump over an idle South Carolina and get into the national championship mix.  But that leaves the three SEC schools -- Missouri and Auburn, which meet in the SEC championship game, and idle Alabama.   How does MSU jump over two of them, since one will win the SEC championship and Alabama is already six spots ahead of MSU in the BCS rankings?

6.  Missouri has to beat the daylights out of Auburn, like 59-3 or something like that.  This will show (1) Auburn is not that good, (2) Alabama, which lost to Auburn, can't be all that good, and (3) the SEC mystique isn't quite the same since Missouri came into the SEC only a year ago, and here it goes and wins the SEC championship and destroys Auburn in the championship game.

If all this comes to pass, the voters and the computers, sick of the SEC and sensing the destiny that surrounds the Spartans, will surely elevate Michigan State to number 2 in the BCS rankings, edging out Alabama and setting up an SEC-Big Ten matchup in the championship.

The Wiz might have to hop into the old balloon to go to that game.

It could happen.  Couldn't it?