Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Questions on the Budget and a Huge Stumble for Perry

Gingrich looks like he's in pain.  I don't think he has much regard for the intellectual abilities of the other candidates.

After a video from Caterpillar's CEO, Perry deftly points out, "There's a reason Caterpillar moved to Texas, and it doesn't have anything to do with Republicans or Democrats." 

Oh no, Perry can't remember the third agency he'd get rid of -- Energy, Commerce, and ...?  A terrible moment.  (He meant Education, right?)

Romney:  The issue of deficits and spending is a moral imperative.

Bachmann says she opposed reducing payroll taxes because it would "blow a hole" in the social security trust fund."  Pretty gutsy.

Huntsman says he would "clean up the balance sheet."  How?  He doesn't say, just switches to the "trust gap."  Then he goes back to taxes, and says he's the only one who delivered a flat tax while governor. 

Ron Paul needs to see his tailor -- his suit jacket doesn't fit properly, and it makes him look like Irwin Corey with a haircut.  He is right on student loans, however. 

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