Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Debate Pregame

7:20 p.m. -- Just had the national anthem, beautifully sung without unnecessary embellishment.  Now, Bobby Schostak and Reince Preibus are whipping the crowd into a frenzy. 

Okay, not exactly a frenzy, but there is a tremendous energy in the room.  People are very excited to have this debate at Oakland University, and the University has done a tremendous job.  The arena looks great, everything works in the Media Center, and this should be a fascinating evening.

Dr. Gary Russi, Oakland's president, is speaking now.  He has done a great job here, and the faculty have fought him at every step.  He is a very classy, gentle guy and, but for his devotion to higher education, he would make a great governor or senator.

Uh, oh -- Brooks Patterson is up.  He's playing it pretty straight, talking up Oakland County.  He's got a lot to brag about.  Now he's ripping into the President's record.  Well done.

Now comes our governor -- wearing a tie!  And his hair is parted with a draftsman's precision.  He's talking about his record and goals now, focusing on Michigan-specific ideas.  His enthusiasm and optimism are infectious, and, frankly, I like his approach to problem-solving.  You may disagree with his policies or his legislation, but it's tough to argue with his approach to problems -- "No blame, no credit, focus on solutions."

And there's a pause in the action.

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