Wednesday, November 9, 2011

After the First Break

Gingrich compliments Bachmann on her idea to repeal Dodd-Frank, and Romney compliments Gingrich.  It's a lovefest!

Romney:  "Markets work."  Well said.  He's scoring points tonight.

Perry kudos to Santorum.  He falters slightly, then seems to get going in an answer on jobs and energy.

Bachmann:  "Freddie and Fannie -- this is the epicenter of crony capitalism."

Gingrich questioned about money from Fannie and Freddie -- "I have never done any lobbying."  "We advised them on things they didn't do." 

Cain:  Fannie and Freddie should be turned into private entities, unwind them so the market can work.

What's with Huntsman's one raised eyebrow?

Huntsman says we should charge banks a fee to set up "some sort of fund."  What's he on?

Maria:  If you repeal Obamacare, what's the answer?

Huntsman:  Sit down with the 50 governors; harmonize medical records; let free market to close the gap on the uninsured.

Paul:  Get government out of the business.  Medical savings accounts.  This is a bipartisan mess.

Perry:  Have to have an insurance program on the Medicare side.  Incentives for well care.  Send Medicaid back to the states.

Cain:  HR 3000, stopped previously by "Princess Nancy."

Romney:  Send it back to the states.  Get health care working like a market (agrees with Ron Paul).  Reform malpractice.

Gingrich:  An absurd question to ask this in 30 seconds.  I want to debate Obama. 

Maria bears down, so Gingrich says:  Go back to doctor/patient relationships.  Medicaid to states.  Focus on brain science.  Fix health, not health bureacracy.

Bachmann:  The issue is cost.  Allow every American to buy any health insurance policy anywhere in the U.S. without any federal mandate.  Let people pay with pre-tax dollars.  Med mal reform.

Santorum:  I introduced HSA legislation, and proposed block grants for Medicaid.  Get government out of the health care business.  I argued for curbs on Fannie and Freddie, harry Reid killed it.  I opposed government bailout -- 5 of 8 people here supported bailouts. 

Romney gets a chance to respond?  Why?

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