Friday, February 13, 2009

What's a Little Fraud Among Friends?

Our County Clerk, who is responsible for conducting elections in the County and is rumored to be interested in running for Secretary of State, which would give her similar responsibilities statewide, wrote a letter to the local paper today in which she stated:

"Now is a good time to enact early voting in Michigan. Early voting would let citizens vote before Election Day if they choose. It would reduce spoiled ballots and increase participation. Citizens who must work on Election Day should get a chance to vote in person on their day off before the election. Early voting recently started in Iraq. We can do it in Michigan. I support Macomb County's legislators who have the chance to consider other election reforms: Online voter registration. [sic] You can pay taxes and register for the Selective Service System online, so you should be able to register to vote online.

"No-reason absentee voting. You don't have to give a reason to pay taxes by mail, so you should not have to give a reason to vote by mail. Macomb County's online absent voter anti-fraud system should be adopted statewide.Macomb County's online reporting of county and local campaign finance reports should be adopted statewide. Clerks should have the option to mail absent voter application forms to qualified citizens. All-mail elections would save money, and it's time to try it in local elections in Michigan.

We have enough voter fraud in this country without creating additional opportunities for fraud to occur. What's next -- turn voting over to ACORN or just let the Democratic Party handle it? What's the difference? Either way, the dead and the ineligible are allowed to vote -- multiple times! -- under the guise of making voting easier and more accessible. Witness the outcry from the left over the incredibly small requirement that people show a picture i.d. to vote -- you would think we had reinstituted the poll tax or a literacy test.

In Ohio during the last election cycle, an Ohio federal court judge ordered the state to allow the homeless to use park benches as their addresses for purposes of voter registration. How could that possibly cause any issue with voter registration verification?

The current nutcases in Washington who are planning to stimulate us into oblivion are a perfect example of what you get when we eliminate standards. Just think how much better it will be if Al Franken gets there!

Detroit, Macomb County, and Michigan are all run by Democrats and have been for years -- look at the shape we're in. You can say the same about nearly every major metropolitan area in the U.S. and a number of states where cash flow covered up a multitude of sins (are you listening, California?)

Nice job, Democrats, keep up the good work! And by all means, let's make more fraud possible!

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