Monday, February 2, 2009

All is Forgiven, Updated

Since I last posted on the Susan LeFevre saga (see January 29), the Saginaw News reported today:

"Susan M. LeFevre's fate hinged on 45 minutes -- the time it took for the 10 members of the state Department of Corrections Parole Board to consider her past and determine her future.

"Though they unanimously voted to free LeFevre on Tuesday, May 19, board members didn't believe she was truthful, said spokesman Russ Marlan, who attended the meeting. * * *

"'The board members that interviewed her were convinced that she lied numerous times, minimizing or downplaying her role in the '70s,' Marlan said.

"LeFevre accumulated 11 misconduct tickets since her return to Michigan.

"'She's trying to portray herself as a model citizen, yet she goes to prison and gets all these misconducts,' Marlan said.

"'You would expect them to act responsible if they claimed the were a productive member of society for the last 30 years.'

"Though 'her 30 years of living in a community without committing any crimes weighed heavily on the decision for parole,' Marlan said, board members also knew she wasn't exactly crime-free in California.

"'She assumed another person's social security number,' he said, 'but she was never arrested or charged with identity fraud.'"

This is even more sickening than previously known. The parole board knew she was lying to them, but no matter -- "Back to California, young lady, and don't let us catch you again! And this time, we really, really mean it!"

Our governor, asleep at the switch as usual, has not said anything about this -- no press release, no statement, no quote for the press, nothing. Business as usual.

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