Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Wonderful Young Woman

My niece, Rebecca, is nationally ranked in an equestrian sport called reining. The subtleties of the sport elude me, but it is quite elegant and impressive. The video below is of a special performance she gave to honor one of her friends who passed away.


  1. Yeah, but can she ride the horse with the reins in her teeth firing a rifle in one hand and a six shooter in the other, a la John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn? Now, that would be elegant!


  2. Unfortunately, no, since part of the point of this sport, as I understand it, is that the rider is supposed to move as little as possible.

    She's also not allowed to yell out, "Fill your hands, you son of a bitch!"

  3. ha ha what Mo-Ronn said!

    She is beautiful and accomplished in this clip, yes, like a romance novel fantasy - - - thanks for sharing.

    & feh - there's currently too much reality goin' on 'round my ol' ranch for me to fully enjoy it.
    Truly, epic feh.

  4. This is truly beautiful Wiz! I'm sure K-Roll and I will discuss this next week as we TP the entire west coast!

    Love ya!