Monday, March 9, 2009

Never Let Facts Get In The Way Of "Science," Part 2

Some, including most members of Congress, will be surprised to learn that the stimulus package so desperately needed to create jobs includes a cool $400 million for a NASA program to study climate change (read, "global warming") from space. That seems appropriate, because outer space is where most global warming alarmists are from.

Yesterday's Boston Globe has a nice article by Jeff Jacoby, in which he details a number of facts contrary to the global warming hypothesis. His last paragraph includes this beauty:

But for many people, the science of climate change is not nearly as important as the religion of climate change. When Al Gore insisted yet again at a conference last Thursday that there can be no debate about global warming, he was speaking not with the authority of a man of science, but with the closed-minded dogmatism of a religious zealot.

Of course, comparing Al Gore to a religious zealot impugns religious zealots everywhere. Still, Jacoby makes his point -- there is no science here, only ideology; no real concern for human welfare, only the desire to use the government to destroy our way of life and replace it with a spartan misery that Gore, the One, and their ilk will not share.

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