Monday, March 9, 2009

Never Let Facts Get In The Way Of "Science," Part 1

At its best, science involves the search for truth. At its worst, science is used as just another trick, a sham, to fool an unsuspecting victim, as when a con man promises that his magic elixir will cure your worst disease or condition.

The One has assumed the presidency, promising to "restore science" to its rightful place in government. But exactly which science is he talking about -- social science, as in economics? Or "hard" science, as in biology? Or junk science, as in human-induced global warming?

The latest priority in the One's crusade is to lift the ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research involving more than the stem cell lines specifically approved by President Bush. Why lift this ban? Well, it was implemented by President Bush, so it must be presumptively wrong, or at least that's how the One thinks (see Gitmo).

According to the Associated Press, the One's announcement later today will "include a broad declaration that science — not political ideology — would guide his administration." If people didn't believe this, it would actually be laughable. Political ideology is the only thing that guides decision making in this administration and this Congress.

What about the danger that this new approach to stem cell research will incentivize abortion and the destruction of human life in the form of embryos and fetuses? The One's supporters don't care. Here is Dr. Curt Civin, director of the University of Maryland Center for Stem Cell Biology:

"This was already life that was going to be destroyed," he said. "The choice is throw them away or use them for research."

At least he admits that the embryos and fetuses are human lives, but this cavalier attitude about life has no limit on it -- why not do death row prisoner experimentation or sacrifice the terminally ill for the sake of "science"? After all, their lives are going to be destroyed soon, what difference does it make if the destruction is natural or man-made? Why do prisoners, the terminally ill, and the elderly rank above the unborn?

Civin's acknowledgment that embryos and fetuses are "life" is telling. If they constitute lives, innocent lives, what right do we have to end them? And why should I be forced to pay for it with my federal tax dollars?

Embryonic stem cell research has always been possible, but for the last 8 years, there has not been federal funding for most of it. According to my research, there has never been a clinical trial of any embryonic stem cell therapy, let alone a significant discovery or cure from embryonic stem cells. At the same time, adult stem cells are already being used to treat over 73 human diseases and conditions. There are over 1400 FDA approved clinical trials underway involving adult stem cell therapy. These trials focus on conditions ranging from heart disease to diabetes.

So don't kid yourself. The announcement today has precious little to do with science. Science is just a cover story for another step in the One's abortion agenda, as I previously described.

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