Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why I'm Blogging Again

I started this blog in 2007, fully intending to write daily. Didn't happen. So why start again now?

One word: socialism.

The advent of The One's presidency, his radical agenda, and the liberal hallelujah chorus occupying the Congress and the media are frightening. An unprecedented power grab is underway, with the federal government having seized or being poised to seize our banking, health care, energy, and manufacturing industries. We will all pay confiscatory taxes, and the answer to this failed nationalization of our economy will be -- wait for it -- more nationalization!

So, this blog is an outlet and an expression of my views and thoughts. It's also an opportunity for you to comment on my posts and to get a conversation going.

I have no illusions about the impact of this blog, but let me tell you a story. During the Reagan presidency, Joan Kroc, the widow of the McDonald's founder, used her fortune to finance various "peace" groups and to take out ads in newspapers, decrying the Reagan defense build-up and declaring it a threat to peace in the world. For years, I refused to eat at McDonald's because I wouldn't contribute my millionth of a cent to her nutty crusade. Didn't work; no impact at all. But, I was true to my principles.

So, I don't expect this blog to turn the tide of what used to be called "creeping socialism" (and now should be called "leaping socialism"). But I will observe and write nonetheless. Perhaps, in the words of Jefferson Smith (Jimmy Stewart) in "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," somebody will listen to me.

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